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Impression of the launch and the unveiling of the DutchCat ( Pictures )

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DutchCat is a new brand of ship, born of the idea that it should be possible to build a ship that, in its class, is uncompromising, user friendly and environment friendly.

The DutchCatTwelve is 12.55 metres long and 4.90 metres wide. This is remarkably wide compared to its length. The height above waterline is 3.35 m and its draught is just 0.8 m. It offers remarkable standing room: 2.20 m in the saloon and bathrooms and 2.10 m in the cabins.Main Deck

The entire flat floor area of the aft deck and saloon covers some 30 m2. Of this, 23 m2 can be designed entirely according to your wishes, including the kitchen layout.

The first DutchCatTwelve will be ready mid 2016. Check this site regularly to stay up to date of all DutchCatTwelve news and developments.

Lower deckIf you are interested in designing your own DutchCatTwelve, or curious about the possibilities, please contact us to arrange a meeting; we are happy to discuss all the ins and outs of the DutchCatTwelve in person.

Jan van Eck (managing director)

News and update:

DutchCat info with:

  • the maiden voyage of the DutchCatTwelve
  • first released photos of the DutchCatTwelve
  • first experience at force 7 on the IJsselmeer
  • open days on 20th and 21st August and the world premiere at the Hiswa in Water Amsterdam

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